How to Throttle OS X’s Network For Mobile Application Testing (10.7)

If you’re doing any kind of serious mobile development, you’ll need to test your application’s performance on sub-par networks. While you can load up the old war wagon and head out to stadiums and such, there is a much simpler way. Apple offers a free utility called Network Link Conditioner, which is installed as a […]

InfoAg 2011

The company I work for, PAQ Interactive, just finished putting on the InfoAg 2011 conference, and it was a blast. Tons of attendees, great presentations, and some pretty cool exhibitors. The best part was that this was the first conference we offered a companion iPhone and Android application for, and the coolest part was the […]

I LOVE my Kindle!

So for Valentine’s day, my amazing girlfriend got me a Kindle 3G+WiFi!!! It is my first eReader, and I have to say, I’m absolutely blown away. I’ve tried reading on my iPhone and various Laptops / Macs, and have always had to go back to paper print. Not so with the Kindle. The contrast is […]

A Less Painful Emacs: CapsLock + Option

Here is a quick bit of intel, that may save you considerable time, and prevent some pinky pain. Emacs by default, for OSX, has Control mapped to the Control key (obviously), and Meta mapped to the escape key. This leads to not only pain, from having to reach way down there for the control key, […]


I do a lot of web development on remote servers, and as such, I have a great need of a convenient method of moving files to and from the server. Sure, I could use FireFTP or an FTP client like Filezilla, but both of those are rather obtrusive, in that I have to first get […]

Logging an Object, Part 1ish of 2ish: Objective-C

Welcome to part one (ish) of a two part (ish) series on logging objects. For our first language / example, we’ll look at Objective-C. I remember when I was learning Objective-C, that I never really happened across what I’m about to show you, so hopefully I can catch you early on in your learning and […]

A Lazy Man’s Emacs

As you all probably know by now, I love Emacs. And as you all will soon discover, over the course of my future posts, I am lazy. Not in a bad way, but always looking to trim some seconds here or there. Take for instance typing. Sure I could type out emacs, but why bother […]

Measuring a Programmer’s Skill

Are you having problems filtering out job applications from the torrents that come in for a single programming position? Or, are you a programmer who is curious about where your skill level is, but can’t seem to find a good means of measuring it? If so, then you should totally check out this bad boy. […]

A Unified Systems

For my first ever blog post, I thought I’d share something simple, sweet, and just plain awesome. First though, some background is in order. I own a MacBook. It was my first introduction into a *nix based OS, and finally allowed me to push from seeing Linux as a novel idea, cool and breaking of […]

New Year’s Resolution

That’s right, finally starting a blog was my biggest New Year’s resolution. Short post for now, more to come!